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It's up for sale :(

The 110Posted by Nicky Smith Sun, July 30, 2017 13:21:21

Well due to personal circumstances I am having to sell “The 110”.

This has not been a decision that has been taken lightly, in fact it's a decision that I have been dancing around over the last couple of weeks but sadly it has to be done.

I hate selling anything, especially motors, as it always seems to draw out the time wasters who want to come along and kick the tyres whilst simultaneously sucking air through their teeth and shaking their heads in a way that they think this will convince you to sell the motor for a tenner and feel that they are doing you a favour. So what you will get here is a warts and all expose on this old D reg 110.

I bought this a couple of years ago and it was a wreck. It seemed where ever you poked a hole would form so instead of being the quick patch and play I was hoping for it turned into rather an extensive rebuild. If you go to www.nickysmith.me and click on the category “The 110” you will be able to see exactly what has been done to it. You will also see in lots of places me saying that I will never ever sell it. Turns out those words were a poisoned chalice because here we are with the old boy up for sale.

A quick list of things that have been replaced are as follows starting from the front:

200tdi engine fitted (Discovery 200tdi)

Starter motor


Lift pump

Water pump



Turbo & manifold (second hand)

Extensive work to the Bulkhead inc:

Floor pans

Hinge upright bits (forget the name)

Modified for the turbo to fit

Full brake rebuild on the front including new discs pads and calipers.

Exhaust manifold conversion pipes

New exhaust

Wheel bearings front and rear

Axle fluids changed front and rear

Full brake rebuild on the rear inc brake plate, pads, springs, calipers

New shocks and springs front and rear

¼ rear chassis

Soundproofed where it can be

Tinted rear windows

Carpet fitted to rear tub

All lights replaced front and rear

Discovery transfer box fitted

New clutch

Clutch slave cylinder

Seat Covers

Cubby box

Painted front to back

Power steering fitted

It sits on a set of used G90's

Heated front screen

And I am sure there's more I have forgotten!

I have done less than a hundred miles in it since it was MOT'd (I think the MOT is until June 18 I will have to check) so it's still being run in after the extensive work done on it over the last couple of years. The light bar is fitted but not wired up yet.

The furthest I have travelled in it is around 40 miles at once. The temp gauge reads a little high but I think that may more due to the sender as it just sits there not moving once its got up to temp. On starting it smokes a little but this disappears once it has got warmed up! Best to be honest :)

I was going to under seal it from front to back but now I am going to sell it I wont bother so anyone who is interested in buying it can see it for what it is underneath. Nothing to worry about there just surface rust.

It's old, it's noisy and the cab rattles inside when you are on tickover. It will break down on you because it's a Land Rover and they all do. It is an ex-military model but is 12v with a civvy spec inside. Still manages to leak oil. At least when it's leaking a bit of oil you know there's still oil in it!

It is sold with no warranty implied or given. If it breaks down on the way home it does. It is what it is, an old Land Rover that has had the base work on a rebuild done. This doesn't mean it's a new car it just means it will last a little while longer than it was going to!...hopefully. It is a sound base for an overlander conversion which was my initial plan.

If you have any questions please get in touch via message or on 07398103184.

I have the full V5 in my name and a full receipt will also be given at the time of purchase.

£4995 ono

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