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Way Past 40.

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First Cut.

Campervan ProjectPosted by Nicky Smith Sun, November 05, 2017 07:25:57
I love a good steak. When Wifey suggested steak and chips for dinner, me to cook it of course, I jumped at the idea! Why oh why though does your house have to stink of steak for two days after cooking it? It was a strange experience eating my cornflakes this morning at the kitchen table whilst smelling last night's meaty dinner!

I had planned for Saturday to be the day to fit at least one of the potential three windows into the van and of course woke up nice and warm in my cosy bed to the sound of rain pounding on the roof. With a mental shrug to myself I thought "It's got to rain sometime" and pottered on with a few bits on on Wifeys car instead.
She seems to have a habit of getting a puncture at least once a week at the moment so I shot off out on my new Saturday morning habit of getting that repaired. Let's see if she can make the whole week this time keeping all of the tyres a round shape.
The book is open folks, place your bets.

Thankfully the rain passed soon enough and I got around to actually measuring up all of the windows I have bought. Yep there will only be two fitted I think. I thought there were two large, one medium and two small but I was mistaken. There is one large, two medium and two small. After a bit of thought I have decided a big one at the front and a medium at the rear.
What to start with though? Bugger it, go big or go home!

I measured the window again and checked it against the panel it was going into behind the drivers seat so as to be the kitchen window.

Yep, definitely the right one so I made a template and offered that up. Then I checked the measurements again...yep seems about right, maybe, but I marked up the panel in pencil just incase I was wrong.
I needed a nervous poo now so there was a short delay at this point.

I cleaned the window on both sides so I didn't have to make the first cut quite just yet. This killed another five minutes which turns out to be just about enough time to make yourself need another nervous poo.

"Right then. Enough of this" I thought to myself as I was doing my trousers up for the second time in twenty minutes. "Time to take the plunge!"
I drilled in some pilot holes around the corners and set to with the jigsaw on what turns out to be paper thin metal. I popped some tape behind me as I cut to stop teh vibrations getting any worse than they were.

Within minutes there was rather a large hole in the side of my nice little van. I know it's not an expensive van but it's mine and as I looked through the side of this colossal hole out through the sliding door on the other side of it I needed another poo.

Once the spasmodic bowl had calmed enough for me to walk around again (after a suitable length of lying down recovery time of course) I went back out and primed the edges ready for bonding.

With the edging strip fitted I then stuck the bonding on, top tip here do not get any of that stuff on your skin as it does not come off at all!, and the moment of truth had arrived.
With the help of my daughter I popped the window into place, bedded it in as best I could and secured/propped it place.

Honestly I think it could have been a little tidier but overall I am very happy with the result :)
Hopefully it wont fall off as I drive along and I need to try and get around to fitting the second one now but I fear that will be a job for next weekend. I need a proper day off from work and hobbies and that's exactly what I plan to do today. A hole lot of wandering around looking at the colours of Autumn somewhere nice is on the cards.

I need to box clever now on the rest of the build price wise. There are a few bits to sell on already so I may get around to that later to top up the pot. Turns out wood is pretty damned expensive when you buy it new!

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