Way Past 40.

Way Past 40.

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More Holes.

Campervan ProjectPosted by Nicky Smith Sun, November 12, 2017 16:53:51
The second window is in! There was slightly less poo this time which my backside thanked me for no end.
It was a slightly smaller window so I only managed to destroy two jigsaw blades in the process.

Once the window was bonded into place I set my sights on the van floor. The timber had arrived so I cracked on fitting it into place.

The last two cuts were for the 240v input and a cheeky little outdoor 240v mains three pin plug so I can use outside cookers etc when on campsites.

The start of the internal wiring will come next along with proper markings out for the furniture. Sorry for the bland post but quite frankly I am shattered!

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