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Way Past 40.

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Table Tops & Beds

Campervan ProjectPosted by Nicky Smith Sun, January 07, 2018 08:18:13
Well I have been slowly pottering away in the background over the last few weeks on the campervan.
In fact I have been doing so much pottering I have met all of the requirements for the change of vehicle type on the V5.
Don't get me wrong there will be personal touches added to it and the odd practical change once we start to use it and find problems Im sure but as it stands it is a nice basic campervan.

So since we last caught up I added another seat just inside the door to the right that incorporates the toilet inside of it. The top removes off of this and the front opens out so there is much needed relief based facilities for our nights away.

The table has been made and is removable. This is one of the requirements for it to be classed as a motorhome by DVLA. It was not on the top of our list of requirements but needs must and all that. Partitions have been added below the bed to separate the rear "garage" and the clean front storage sections.
All of the lights have now been wired up and in so the next expensive items on the list will be new leisure batteries!

All in all it's there for now. I will have to see what if the logbook comes back to me changed or whether the DVLA would like a closer look at it or not.

*** Folks I appreciate that the updates on this project have been few and far between and that's because it has been a hell of a year personally. Normal service is about to be resumed :) and I did not want not to finish up the updates on the old campervan, poor as they have been. New things are on the horizon and thanks for sticking around!***

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