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Way Past 40.

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Getting your insides out.

Campervan ProjectPosted by Nicky Smith Sun, October 29, 2017 07:38:00
I don't think I can properly explain how different this project is going to be for me. The majority of the work is being done inside in the warm and dry. If as winter arrives and the temperature drops I will have the horror of running an extension lead lead out then plugging in a heater. Then as part of a cunning, keeping myself warm plan, I will close the doors and continue the conversion in earnest.

The is insured now and I managed to find a way to save the best part of £200. This came with a rather important condition. I have to do the whole conversion in 90 days. That's not as bad as it sounds though. All of the work is in the interior so thankfully not mechanical which makes life so much more straight forwards.

So in order to begin putting the stuff inside that I we want I had to take what was in there out. I opened the doors and was presented with a sea of plywood and solid bulkhead.

All of this came out very easily much to my surprise. No nonsense with the screws apart from a couple that had to be ground down after the wood was removed. The bulkhead also practically jumped out of the van upon request.
I was then left with a filthy dust ridden panel van which when was swept clean is in exceptional condition for it's age! I have definitely got the base vehicle right with no welding needed anywhere at all, anywhere. Not a bit, or a patch. No hidden just under surface rust wanting to surprise me later on. This in itself is a breath of fresh air for me as it feels like all I have done for the last few years is weld stuff up before doing the simplest of repairs.

At this point I have had to have a good think on the position of electrics, the general layout of the interior and how many windows I will fit into it. Hopefully today I will collect five windows of which three will be fitted to the camper.
Once I Had figured out what I wanted where I started to fit the insulation. Having bought two cans of high temperature adhesive I thought that this would be enough to do the whole thing. I was wrong. I needed to double the amount and then add some more so that'll be another trip to Screwfix on the way home from work tomorrow.

The insulation looks well though and really makes you feel like you are getting somewhere already with it all :)

Now at one point I had our porta loo inside of the van so I could visualise the size and placement of such important things as this major thinking spot. In fact I got so engrossed in this that when my neighbour stuck his head around the corner he found myself sat upon the throne, pants up I would like to point out here, asking "Would you like me to come back?"
With a grin I replied "If you can put up with the smell you can stay"

My bank card has also been in meltdown over the last 48 hours buying all manner of necessities for this build. A full price breakdown will follow shortly when I can bear to look at what I have spent.

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