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Way Past 40.

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Windy Windows.

Campervan ProjectPosted by Nicky Smith Sun, October 29, 2017 15:04:37
Summertime is over. So with that extra hour in the day it seemed like a good idea to drive to Cleethorpes to collect some side windows for the van that I had managed to source online. The sun was out and Wifey wanted to go to the seaside, this particular seaside in fact. You see a couple of years ago or maybe last year, well at some point recently she said that she wanted to go to Mablethorpe.
Once there she then insisted that I was a stupid pillock and that she wanted to go to Cleethorpes! Now us gentleman do not make such drastic errors when driving so she was of course lying through her teeth.
Still at the time we had a pleasant, if very cold and wet, twenty minutes there because absolutely nothing was open, not even a cafe. So we soon left.

But today only a mere year or maybe two later I managed to get her to sunny Cleethorpes where not only did I make Wifey happy but got the next big bits for my van for a very very reasonable price.

The journey down was not without incident though. You see before we left I had consumed two large mugs of tea. Then on route I had a rather large cup of coffee. This of course led to rather an uncomfortable issue. Half way in I needed to pee but not to worry I was sure that I could hold it. Two thirds of the way in I was not quite so confident and by the time we were three quarters of the way in knew I would not be able to make it without causing a rather large, if warm mess.

There was nothing else for it but to pull into a suitably wooded layby. As if by magic one appeared within the mile and I gladly jumped out of the car making sure to look at what I was walking over to get reasonably hidden to have a much needed piddle.

Such was the relief that I was not quite so careful walking back out of the woods. As I stood back onto the tarmac path it seemed remarkably spongy. I had of course stood in some dog poo. Yes I know that it was probably not dog poo but the fact I had to clean the sole of my boot off with baby wipes for several minutes before I could get back into the car I had to convince myself that it was indeed some dog poo left behind by a lazy owner who did not want to pick it up.

Wifey of course thought this all highly amusing and happily snapped away with her camera so I could "Share the experience" with you all...

I didn't find it funny but in all fairness I would have done exactly the same thing if the tables were turned!

But despite the poo and the storm force winds trying to take us off of our feet at the sea front we managed to get in a cheeky Fish & Chip lunch and I have got the next big bits to move this camper project onwards.

90 days for the build? Yea, we should be ok with that!

Price List

Movano £1600
Windows £125
Other stuff £loads and loads but will price up individually in a bit :)

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